Yesterday, we studied one of the most well known passages in the book of Proverbs – chapter 3:4-5. Interestingly, while this is a very popular text it is rarely preached on. As we learned yesterday – this text holds the potential of “engaging” every other text of scripture in our lives. Click here for the study notes and discussion questions. Stay tuned to the Maximum Life Podcast for the sermon audio.  

This Sunday we are launching a new series at Capshaw called, “Coffee with the King – a Study of Proverbs”. Suppose you had the opportunity to spend time with History’s wisest human leader and pick his brain about every aspect of your life. Do you suppose you might be able to live on a whole new level? That’s our desire as we dive in to a study of Proverbs. Start your new… Read More

We live in a day where gender lines are being blurred, devalued and at times completely erased. Thankfully, Julie Terry (my wife) has written a couple of post on Raising Manly Boys that I would like to pass on to my readers. Raising “Manly” Boys Part 1 Raising “Manly” Boys Part 2 Related articles How a Boy becomes a Man: the Process of Biblical Manliness ( How a Boy becomes a Man:… Read More


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