Preachers spend hours getting ready for Sunday. Here are a few things you can do to prepare as well: Read ahead – Typically I preaching through books of the Bible. So there is little doubt as to where I will be preaching on the next Sunday. Acquaint yourself with the text. It is a good idea to read the entire book through a few times before we begin to preach through it…. Read More

Most of the time we never know the mysterious ways God is causing all things to work together for good (Rom. 8:28). Occasionally, God will lift the veil and give us a glimpse in order to remind us that He is always up to something. Today my small group leader, Tyler Carter arranged for our class to help provide a Christmas party for a local homeless shelter. It was a joy and… Read More

There is a clear progression in the way a person’s world view develops which, if rightly understood, can serve greatly in their development. This is how the progression works. Knowledge – A person is presented with a truth claim. It may or may not be accurate, but the person accepts it as accurate and begins to function as if it is accurate. Conviction – Over time as the person lives his or… Read More

Learning how to express forgiveness to others begins with the ability to understand the forgiveness we have experienced. The chart below details the forgiveness that one who is in Christ understands. God saturated forgiveness is then expressed to those who sin against us with the same paradigm. Ask yourself if you have truly passed on the same forgiveness that God has shown to you. If not, take some time to pursue peace… Read More

I am of the firm conviction that the father (when present) is the Pastor/Teacher/Shepherd of the home. One of the things that we Pastors must do is leverage opportunities to teach our people and further the cause of the Gospel. Holidays are a great opportunities to capture that momentum. With Christmas approaching here are a few ideas for Dads consider.   Lead in making memories – Consider what your family will be… Read More

I was saved 2000 years ago, for that is when my sin debt was paid by Messiah.   Messiah came at a time when sin and Satan held dominion over this planet in a most powerful way. The nation of people where Godliness should have abounded was lying helpless in the clutches of a dark ruler to the point that they did not recognize their own Messiah when he walked among them. Not only… Read More

The following short story was adapted from the Gospel accounts of Jesus arrest. I wrote it for use in the intro. to my sermon this Sunday.   The familiar smell of the Olive press filled the night air mingled with the faint fragrance of something like a magnolia blossom that rose from our body of the Lord still fresh with the nard poured upon him just a day earlier. The pleasant aroma along with the stillness of the… Read More