_MG_2461ENGLISH: As we complete an awesome church conference in Honduras, I would like to present my first sermon translated into the Spanish language.

SPANISH:  Al completar una conferencia impresionante iglesia en Honduras , me gustaría presentar mi primer sermón traducido al idioma español .

No Un Sermon Para Todos por Zach Terry

Thanks to Tessy Cabrera for translating! Soon we will be releasing the first audio overdub in the Spanish language.

The Enemy of Generosity


Generosity is the only antidote for the

The Priority of Generosity

When you give…

%22Your offering points to something far

Generous Series – Week 1

%22Generosity experienced should result in

Healthy Emotions

Healthy Emotions

How Tech

Clear Convictions


I wanted to make a couple of resources available that may be helpful in regards to the recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court.

1. Haustafel Part 1 – is a sermon where I spoke most directly to the growing influence of Homosexuality in our culture. The broadcast begins at the part of the sermon where I address the issue of Homosexuality. Forgive me for not including the textual exposition and context. Maximum Life Broadcast

2. Periscope Response  – This is the broadcast that I released soon after hearing the Supreme Courts decision. Keep in mind that periscope allows any and all to comment or interact with the broadcaster. As such, I am responding to comments some of which and in strong opposition to a Christian perspective. Broadcast Video. 

3. Ethics and Religious Liberty Commissions statement regarding the Supreme Courts ruling

Success Versus Faithfulness


Circumstances and Interpretations


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