PREFACE: There are great Christian families on both sides of the Santa issue. This blog post is about how our family handles the concept of Santa. As parents, Julie and I had to decide several years ago what we were going to do with Santa. In the interest of full disclosure – we don’t tell our children that a heavy-set guy with a long white beard is going to magically come into… Read More

Augustine lived Nov. 13, 354 – Aug. 28 430 AD. He was the Bishop in Hippo in Northern Africa (modern day Algeria). He is widely considered the greatest Pre-Luther Theologian. Some consider him the greatest theologian in all of church history. Every Biblical scholar since Augustine has been influenced by Augustine. The amazing thing about Augustine was that he did not have an Augustine to lean on. When Augustine came into the… Read More

  This was taken from what was perhaps one of the best sermons preached by Spurgeon during what is known as the revival period of his ministry (1864). During that time, he preached in the “Crystal Palace” which held over 24,000 people. For the entire text of the sermon go here.   C.H. Spurgeon   “All that the Father gives Me shall come to Me; and him that comes to Me I… Read More